With over 33 years of experience, our roster of clients includes movie stars; Strip headliners; business owners; tract home builders; real estate developers; attorneys; doctors and even a couple of trust fund babies!
Our history includes clients for whom weve done multiple projects.  For one, we built a custom home and two strip malls.  He then recommended us to his family members for other projects. Although we can elaborate with many examples, here are some representative letters of appreciation. The first is from Larry Bach, a former executive from a top ranked national home builder. Larry knows construction and his letter is sincerely valued.
Another, from Dan Golceker, is from a business owner in Las Vegas.  He had already built a custom home, so his appreciation is also based on experience. Our time with our clients will frequently turn into long term friendships.We are still doing commercial work for a client for whom we built a custom home in 1984, as well as vacationing together and sharing family events.

Dear Steve:
Kit and I feel it is appropriate to express our gratitude for the amazing job you did on our custom home.  Having been in new home construction myself for twenty-seven years, I was impressed with the smooth operation you ran for us. We found you to be a builder who listens to your clients and found ways to meld our ideas with yours to make a beautiful and livable final product. You fought for our interests to keep costs under control. You always delivered what you promised on schedule. We have been in our new home for almost a year now and have enjoyed every minute of it. We are certainly glad we chose you as our builder!  When we are ready to build another home in Las Vegas, we will use you again!  We hope you and your family have a prosperous new year!!
Larry and Kit Bach

Dear Steve:
As we approach the one year anniversary of the completion of our home, I find I have neglected to write this much overdue letter of gratitude. Both Debi and I are so grateful for the day we met you at one of your custom homes you were building.  We immediately felt comfortable with you in regards to your character and your knowledge of the building trade. At times, the year and a half process of building our home was overwhelming, but you were always available to walk us through the process of numerous decisions that had to be made, giving advice and recommendations.  Your extensive relationships with suppliers and tradesmen undoubtedly saved us money and your never ending availability to us was invaluable.  Even to this day, if I call, you always are available with an answer or help to my question or need.  Unfortunately, many builder/homeowner relationships end on bad terms due to unmet expectations, but you, I can proudly say, have become a friend. If Debi and I decide to build again, we cant think of anyone else that we would trust to guide us and build our home.  You are Our Builder.
Daniel Golceker

Dear Steve:
Hiring Steve would be a good choice.  Ive owned several companies and hired many people for them.  Steve stands out as not only possessing excellent skills, both technical as well as management, but he also possesses a very rare commodity that proved invaluable in the construction of my home: Common Sense. Steve and I have maintained our friendship since he built our home in 1982.  Since then, Ive hired Steve for several commercial jobs and invested with him on a few speculative homes.  He is still working for me after 25+ years.  I can completely trust Steve with any project.
Chuck A.

Dear Steve:
Ill say the following:  I admit to being a very tough and demanding client. I made you get bids from people that I knew and you did so only proving to me that your own crews gave better pricing and quality.  I made many changes as we went along and you still kept your word about staying on budget and our timeline. You made good recommendations when I needed questions answered. At the same time you were building my home, I hired you to build a commercial center for me. I still hire you for the tenant improvements on my commercial properties. All the projects turned out well and we still meet regularly and have become friends. Thank you for all you have done.
P. L.

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